One of the most common solutions for cleaning the windows of buildings with awkward angles and high-rise structures is something commonly known as a “cherry picker” (as they were used to pick cherries) or a “Mobile Elevated Work Platforms” or MEWP for short.

A cherry picker is an essential tool for any professional window cleaner. They allow us to work at various heights, while being securely harnessed in place with just one hand on the anchor point of their “MEWP”.

A cherry picker offers you different options depending on the type of job in hand, you can either have a ground level mounted one or use a truck-mounted solution if more flexibility is needed.

Like many window cleaning professionals, we use a cherry picker because it is the perfect way to reach those awkward, hard to reach or high windows on your building’s exterior.

How we use Cherry Pickers for Window Cleaning

We have access to a range of cherry pickers as including scissor lifts and lorry mounted platforms.

This enables our teams to reach heights of more than 100 metres (300 ft) to ensure that our window cleaners can access your windows when regular methods cannot be used, these machines allow us to provide an exceptional service for large commercial buildings.

We can guarantee that those hard-to-reach areas of your buildings will be cleaned to perfection, with minimum disruption.

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