Office window cleaning, reasons why you should have them cleaned on a regular basis.

Dirty vs Clean…..


Did you know that?

1 – Glass is porous, which causes it to collect dirt over time, this can cause:

  • It to become fragile
  • A loss of transparency
  • Pigmented spots
  • Microorganism growth

Left unchecked over time it might ruin your glass completely.

2 – That your glass windows have “common enemies” all of which are good reasons for having them cleaned. These common enemies are:

  • Acid rain, I kid you not, it is more common than you think
  • Hard minerals build up from sprinkler systems or water running off your building
  • Overspray from construction like paint, chalk, or mortar particles, etc.
  • Oxidization from any windows that are encased in metal frames or screens
  • Sea spray or rain from the sea contains salt that gradually builds up on the surface of your glass

3 – That dirty obscured windows have a significant “Subconscious Effect” on

  • Your employee’s motivation, state of mind because
    • Natural light levels are reduced
    • Views are obscured
    • Morale, mood, and motivation is reduced
    • Vitamin D is reduced
    • Health of your employees

And on

  • The perceivability effect on visitors, clients, and potential buyers to your business
    • Subliminally, consciously, or both
    • People pay attention to cleanliness, including your windows
    • It can indicate a slap dash attitude towards the way you work
    • Represents your business in a less trustworthy and attractive way
    • Perceived reduction of professionalism


We appreciate there are many factors to creating and maintaining a business, the day to day running that keep those cogs turning and workflow going, and many of your full timers are at the office more than at home.

However, some factors often go unnoticed which can affect the appearance and mood within your business. Keeping your workplace looking its best is a great mindset, one of which is to get your windows cleaned professionally.


Did you know that clean windows?

Increase heating efficiency

  • Dirty windows reflect more UV light
  • Preventing the sun from warming up your offices
  • Increases heating costs especially during the cold season

Boost moral

  • Help create a positive atmosphere when you can see outside
  • Any view can positively impact the mood of your staff
  • That working in a clean setting, employees are more likely to take pride in their work
  • This will help motivate them with their daily tasks
  • Increased natural light, reduces fatigue and eye strain
  • Exposure to sunlight is thought to increase the brain’s release of a hormone called serotonin
  • Serotonin is associated with boosting mood and helping a person feel calm and focused

More reasons for letting the sunlight in

  • Sunlight has many healing properties:
    • Higher Quality Sleep
    • Improved Mood
    • Increased Vitamin D
    • Lower Blood Pressure
    • Stronger Bones

Finally, the best reasons for keeping your windows sparkly clean.

  • They contribute to your business’s reputation
  • Convey professionalism
  • Prevent your windows from becoming a microcosm for germs that lead to coughs and colds
  • Prevent built up dust and pollen blowing in when you open the windows
  • Extend the life expectancy of your windows
  • Reduce costs by having a regular maintenance schedule (easier to keep clean)

Did you know that by keeping your windows clean you reduce maintenance costs in the Long Run? It’s a bit like our teeth, it’s many times less expensive to care for them in the short term than to run the risk of long-term restoration.

Once your windows start show the marks of time, for example:

  • Micro-cracks
  • Scratches
  • Glass mould
  • Spots
  • Stains
  • Chips
  • Pock marks

It will gradually break down and destroy the glass forcing you to replace them at some point, similar damage may also be occurring to the frames surrounding the window.

If you still need proof that this just works, then we invite you to ask yourself the following:

  • How do clean windows make you feel?
  • Would you rather have a better view?
  • Is the world in full HD colour more satisfying?

If this still doesn’t make sense or you want to understand what we mean, then ask your friends, family, or staff the same things above and the ones below.

  • One with glasses about their perception of the world before and after cleaning their spectacles.
  • Do clean glasses increase their self-esteem?
  • Does it increase their positive thinking?

Why don’t I get my own people to clean the windows?

This is a fair question…. But consider the following.

  • The amount of time it takes an untrained employee to do it.
  • Will they be able to obtain the same results?
  • Will they become frustrated or stressed about cleaning them?
  • Is it the best use of their time?
  • Consider the cost of your team members time vs cleaning the windows
  • We want you doing what you do best, not worrying about the image your business portrays to your staff, the public, any visitors, clients, and surrounding businesses.

Are we the cheapest?

You’re in business and will know that there is always someone willing to cut corners, sell their service cheaper than the next guy, we understand you have budgets, however if you want more than the cheapest price then let us give you a few reasons why our clients continually call us.

Our cleaning team are all experienced, uniformed, trained professionals, who approach every job with the same levels of care. We make every endeavour to not miss a thing, every corner, edge, and inch of your windows get our attention and uncompromising dedication to detail combined with our outstanding safety record.

We appreciate that at the heart of everything is an understanding that you are inviting us onto your property and expect us to work in a professional, efficient, and trustworthy manner to deliver what we promise while caring for your premises.

Should we ever overlook something, or you’re unhappy for any reason, simply give us a call within 24 hours and we’ll put it right, at our expense.

We provide simple, easy to read quotes, estimates and invoices.

We offer all our clients a guaranteed window cleaning service, you can be sure that by using Powells Window Cleaners, you are using the best. Our window cleaners are comprehensively trained, fully insured, and work to our strict operating standards.

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