Retail & Shop Window Cleaning

Powells is a provider of retail and shop window cleaning services across the midlands UK.

Our business has been built on our reputation for doing things right. Our team provide a professional, reliable, friendly, and safe service to multiple independent retailers and national groups.

Our teams of window cleaners will most likely already be servicing other shops and retail premises in your area.

First Impressions Count. Many retailers including estate agents, pawnbrokers and high street clothing outlets will use the space in front of their windows to display their products.

We are fully aware of how important it is to your business to present the right image to your customers. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and we are passionate about ensuring that you make the right one.

Scheduling your window cleaning service. While you will want to keep your windows in tip top condition, the frequency of cleaning can depend on various factors including your local environment and the amount of traffic that passes your premises. We can assess these conditions and advise you on an optimum solution.


We can clean your windows at a time and frequency that suits you and the needs of your business.

If you would like your shop windows cleaned before your shop opens, let us know and we will provide an early morning service.

We can clean both the outside and inside of the windows.

Did you know – We do more than windows

We can clean your internal glazing, for example mirrors, glass partitions, glass balustrades, and signage.

The How! – we can employ both the Traditional Methods and the newer Water-fed pole method.

Many retail premises are situated at ground level, which means that we can use either traditional methods or water fed poles.

Traditional window cleaning – we use water and detergent to wash the windows and then remove the solution and dirt with a squeegee, any remaining traces are removed with an absorbent cloth to dry your windows.

The water-fed pole method – employs pure deionised water and is environmentally friendly (no chemicals are used), and your windows dry smear free after cleaning.

Compliant with Health and Safety Legislation

We complete Risk and Method Statements prior to each job, our team of shop window cleaners take health and safety seriously.

The Benefits of Your Business Using a Professional Window Cleaning Service

Why have most businesses moved on to using a national window cleaning service rather than doing it themselves?

There are many benefits of switching to a professional service, to help you decide for yourselves we have listed a few of them below.


  1. Helps Improve the Look of Your Business

A window cleaners’ main purpose is to clean your windows so that from a business’s point of view, it improves the overall look and appeal to your clientele.

Think about your favourite restaurant, would you want to step foot in that restaurant or any food establishment that has dirty windows, the chances are you wouldn’t, due to not feeling comfortable.

Dirty windows may equal less than desired standards elsewhere.

First impressions can have a significant effect on any business, standards are everything and should be always maintained, not just for big clients, inspections, and senior management visits

Maintaining your standards will help you to create, maintain and promote a clean reliable brand that people can trust.

The same standards should be applied to all parts of your business, such as external buildings, offices, and new stores. Keeping up appearance is all about consistency, every location needs to look as good as the other, otherwise your business will seem unprofessional, letting the brand down.

Working with a national window cleaning service provider. Not only will they have operatives located across the UK with a reputation for providing a trusted service to other local businesses but using one service provider will ensure consistent health and safety compliance across all sites.

Many of our team have been working in the window cleaning industry for years, providing you with an experienced window cleaning service that gives you peace of mind, whether it be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly according to your business needs, you can be rest assured your windows will always look clean.


  1. Improves the Efficiency and Longevity of The Windows

Many people use a window cleaning service to simply clean their windows, but most do not know that it can help to make windows last longer.

Why? Because dirt, debris and hard water will over time damage your windows if left unchecked.

Dirt and debris can work its way into the glass, causing scratches or stains, this can permanently disfigure the view of a window.

Professional window cleaners have the right tools and chemicals for the job.


  1. Saves You Time and Hassle

One of your main reasons for choosing a professional window cleaning service over doing it yourself, is that it will save time and hassle.

It can be a time-consuming task, especially if you aren’t sure how to do it.

Professionals will be able to come in, get the job done in a more efficient time.

Freeing up your time up to focus on other aspects of your business.

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