Window cleaning


Date of works



Hazardous Event

Initial Risk

Risk Control Measures

Residual Risk

Generic Hazards and Control Measures

L / S / DR


L / S / DR

General injuries to operatives whilst working

Personal injuries - Cuts, bruises

1 / 1

Operatives to wear minimum PPE of Safety shoes / boots

1 / 1 / 2

Slips trips and falls

Tripping on uneven ground or obstructions - Minor injuries, twisted ankles, cuts, bruising or possible broken bones

4 / 3 / 12

Take caution when walking on uneven / slippery ground. Ensure all working areas are clear of rubbish. Hoses to be routed as to not cause a hazard. Signage / cones if required to warn of hazard.

2 / 2 / 4

Manual Handling

Weight and / or awkwardness of Water fed pole or object to be moved can cause cuts and bruises, muscle and ligament tears, hernias, prolapsed discs, damage to knees and legs.

4 / 4 / 16

Always assess the task in hand, use the correct water fed pole for site. If needed use two competent people to set up and use. If any obstacles need moving, assess and move, using two competent people where required. Ask yourself - can this load to moved be made smaller / lighter, is there a mechanical aid I could use?

2 / 1 / 4


Hazardous event

L / S / DR


L / S / DR



Working at heights.


Using ladders or step ladders

Cuts, bruises, head wounds, broken bones, paralysis, serious injury, fatality.


Step ladder defects, uneven ground

Ladder angle wrong, overreaching, ladder slipping, someone walking into or catching ladder.

3 / 5 / 15

Operatives to have had training in the use of stepladders based on current HSE Guidance INDG 402 and received information as per HSE INDG 403. Stepladders to have specific identification number and tagged / logged and independently checked every quarter being part of a planned inspection. Operatives to conduct daily / pre use checks. Remove damaged ladders / stepladders and label as damaged and destroy.

Ensure you have examined other options as to why a ladder / stepladder is to be used (this could be because a MEWP or Tower is not justifiable or cannot be used due to access issues, ground issues.

Only use class 1 or EN131 ladders / stepladders are to be used.

Use stepladder only for light duties and for a maximum of 30 minutes in one position. Ensure ground is firm, level and not slippery.

Ladders should be footed or a ladder safety device to be used when in use, always ensuring three points of contact with the ladder and do not stand on the top three rungs.

If required, barrier off works.


1 /3 / 3

Road traffic

Work undertaken on private land.

4 / 5 / 20

All operatives to wear hi vis clothing and any other associated PPE. Working area to be barrier taped off, banksman to stop traffic entering the working area.


1 / 3 / 3

Working with hazardous substances COSHH


Ill health if ingested

1 / 1 / 1

Only product used is washing up liquid. Read label before use and use accordingly.

1 / 1 / 1

Covid 19

Showing signs of covid nineteen or having it can be fatal and transferable to others.

3 / 3 / 9

Site pre-screen to questionnaire to be completed prior to work. Covid 19 risk assessment to be adhered to at all times (enclosed)

2 / 2 / 4

Lone working

Lone working can be dangerous as the individual could be involved in an accident and unable to raise help or assistance.

3 / 4 / 12

At all times there will be two people together so one can assist and if required, contact emergency services.

2 / 2 / 4







Degree of Risk






Likelihood - (L)






Severity - (S)










Potential for harm








DR Value

1 - 4

5 - 8

9 - 25


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If the residual risk is nine or greater the work and control methods need to be reviewed to ensure that the risk is the lowest reasonably practicable.